The office was started in 1993, and works at different scales - from planning and urban design to buildings.

In larger scale work, the focus is on integration and cross-discipline coordination. Work is done across boundaries of other-wise separated professions - with greater communication new possibilities are uncovered and then realized. In reaching across boundaries, linkages are established, connections made, and new ideas take root as greater rigor is established.

In the architectural work, the methods are the same - but at a different scale. The goal is to make a strong combination of poetic and practical. There is a strong  interest in light and materiality - as beauty exists in what works and is revealed.

Work takes place in an office constantly striving for excellence. The office has won awards in planning, architecture and detailing. Work has been published locally and nationally.

Our combinations are rooted in many years of experience. Good work requires extra care - always given - regardless of size.

Geoff Goldberg

G. Goldberg + Associates

311 West Superior Street

Chicago, IL  60654

tel:         312-642-3344

fax:        312-642-8155


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